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Valentines Day was this week, a Hallmark holiday created by the card maker to create a demand for its product. This Hallmark holiday resonates with us because we want to feel good aboutPART_1432489208837-2usa-225x300
our loved ones, and celebrating them and our relationship makes us feel good. Most humans love to love. I suppose that is a funny observation for a divorce lawyer but my profession does not immune me from a human’s fundamental drive to love and be loved. Continue reading ›

This is the year of miracles or nightmares depending on your perception of the world.  The Cubs won the World Series, England voted to exit the European Union and Donald Trump wasdea2b5a4d62c650d12ffdcac9d8f9a59 elected President.  In America there might be some heavy debate over the Cubs, less over England, but Trump! Trump and the related topic of Hillary and the downfall of America are hot topics of which everyone is an expert. The truth is our Union will survive even a sub par-Presidency; look at Jimmy Carter. Continue reading ›