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Mass shootings in schools, colleges, movie theaters, churches, concerts and other public spaces have been in the news regularly, leading to disputes over gun control and issues involving4168c94f1d5117faacc4fa82b69915a3-300x200

the Second Amendment also in the news, while politicians grapple with how to respond.   It is interesting that after a mass shooting, when those who knew the shooter are interviewed, they commonly indicate that there was no way to predict that the shooter would engage in such violence.   A large portion of mass shooters, however, appear to have in their past abused and/or committed acts of violence towards women in their lives. Continue reading ›

Our Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, N.J.S.A. 2C:25-17 et. seq., is designed to afford victims of domestic violence comprehensive protections. Although the fundamental goal of our domestic violence statute is to protect victims, there are certain penalties and loss of freedoms that the perpetrator faces in the process.  One of the most compelling loss of freedoms associated with the domestic violence statute is the seizure of firearms that occurs with the service on a defendant of a domestic violence restraining order.  If convicted of domestic violence, a defendant must forfeit his/her firearms and the right to buy any firearm in the future. Continue reading ›