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I have previously written articles specifically relating to domestic violence and contempt proceedings, including my most recent post from March 18, 2015 – Final Restraining Orders: When Final Does Not Equate to Permanent.  The Appellate Division recently handed down a published decision that further examines domestic violence in the context of contempt proceedings being held against a Defendant in State v. D.G.M., which was decided on March 20, 2015.  Continue reading ›

The attorneys in this office, including myself, have written various blog posts concerning domestic violence, restraining orders, and the like.  However, no time has been dedicated to the aftermath of restraining orders and the possible consequences associated with violating a restraining order, whether intentionally or unintentionally. As most people know, the purpose of a restraining order is to avoid future communication or contact between the parties.  Therefore, any communication or contact thereafter, while a restraining order remains active, is considered a contempt of that restraining order. Continue reading ›