2020 Election v. Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes the joy and at times the tribulation and challenges of family gatherings. This year the holidays might be configured a bit differently than in past years. Uncle Charlie might be participating by Zoom and Aunt Ruth may be sporting her signature mask. This year offers new challenges both because of the pandemic and the Presidential election. Very few of us are neutral regarding issues of: voter fraud, election interference, or the quality and character of candidates. Some of us are Republican, others Depexels-olya-kobruseva-5842243-200x300mocrats or perhaps Independents. We all have an opinion and most of us have voted. In a democracy, our job as citizens is to vote. Once we have voted the outcome of the election is left to the States and if contested to the Courts and the Legislature.

As ordinary citizens, we really have nothing after voting to add to the process. No matter how loud you yell at FOX or CBS nothing Is going to change. It is like a football game you may get caught up in cheering on your team but your cheers have very little to do with the outcome. Biden or Trump will ultimately prevail because of the vote and whatever legal process follows. By Christmas, the die will clearly be irrevocably cast and your support or distress or discourse at family gatherings will not move the needle even a little bit.

Out Republic has been around 244 years and will survive the incumbency of either candidate. Politicians and the Press always say this is the most important election of our time. Maybe they are right this time that is a question to debate just not at the Holiday table.

It Is said for most Americans’ God, Family and Country are our priorities. Usually in that order. So let’s be honest. December Is the month when most of us Celebrate a Holiday tied to our religious beliefs or history. This month we celebrate the great sacrifices and successes of our early settlers who laid the groundwork for a great and prosperous Nation. In celebrating these Holiday’s we join with our families looking to the good and hoping for those good things to continue. These are family-oriented Celebratory Occasions that bind us together as a family and as a Nation. You can have an effect on your family. You can love it. You can nature it. You can bring them together and in doing so strengthen those important and loving association. Strong families build strong communities. Strong communities build strong States. Strong States build a strong Nation. A house is built one brick at a time. Make your family a healthy brick. Do everyone a favor and leave politics at the door. Accept that people can have different views about what is right and wrong for our Country. That the act of voting shows a love and concern for the future of our Democracy and leave the partisan attacks at the door. You will not change the election outcome by arguing with your family however you can change your families dynamic by leading by example. Change the subject when partisan politics rears its ugly head. Say a prayer or recite an affirmation for our Country when you sit down to dinner. Then talk about that great vacation. Or how funny Uncle Joe looked when he tried to ski. Remember the good times and the connection you all have to each other. Trump and Biden will forgive you. If they are wise they will be doing the same.

Happy Holidays.