The Haunting Trinity of Vexing Valuation issues in High Asset Matrimonial Litigation


“High asset matrimonial litigation is complex involving a myriad of financial issues. Non is more vexing than asset valuation. Our informative webinar, featuring some of the state’s leading matrimonial lawyers, judges and matrimonial professionals will review the asset valuation questions that can arise in an high income divorce, and provide nuanced observations about how best to address these complex financial issues in settlement.”


How should assets that have enhanced in value since the filing of the divorce petition (but prior to settlement be treated
– Passive immune assets
– Active immune assets
– Active joint assets acquired during the marriage
– Active assets acquired during the marriage in one name
– Passive assets acquired in on name

Business Valuation-Which Approach is Best? How Respective Approaches Differ
– The double count- how to adjust valuation techniques

– Sword, shield, or fraud?

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