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Recently a divorce case made the news with screaming headlines such as “Ex-wife of US Oil Baron to appeal $1 Billion Divorce Award”. Yes, that was billion with a “B” . Intrigued, I was drawn to read how someone could not only receive such an award, but more importantly, on what basis someone would even want to challenge it, representing an amount far beyond most peoples’ wildest dreams. Continue reading ›

BusinessIn a previous blog post, “How the Fair Value of a Business Interest is Determined in a New Jersey Divorce for Purposes of Equitable Distribution”,  James Yudes, Esq. explained the valuation methods utilized by the courts in determining the value of a business for purpose of equitable distribution in a divorce. Continue reading ›

In 1971, New Jersey enacted Divorce Reform Legislation thereby placing in the forefront  an “Equitable” standard for the distribution of property when people divorce, replacing the long previously held universal rule that when people divorce, property is divided according to title to the property.  Continue reading ›