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A few weeks ago The New York Times published an article about a divorce in the United Kingdom caught my attention.  The article was called  “Divorce on Demand? In the U.K., It’s Not Quite That Simple“.   Does the UK have “divorce on demand”?  What even is divorce “on demand”?   Can spouses in New Jersey get a “divorce on demand”? Continue reading ›

When a prospective client in a divorce matter comes in, often they have already been served with a Complaint for Divorce that has been filed by their spouse.  Beyond discussing the substantive issues of their case, they will inquire about the Complaint itself, what it means, and the need to respond to it.  Back in the “good old days”, unless the parties had already been separated for 18 months, a Complaint for Divorce had to allege some sort of “fault” as the grounds for the divorce, i.e. extreme cruelty, adultery or desertion being among the most common. Continue reading ›