A New Beginning, Also Known as DIVORCE. It’s Not THE END.

Divorce as defined in Webster’s Dictionary means, “the action or instance of legally dissolving a marriage.” While a divorce does end a marriage, it is not “THE END”.   Unfortunately, when in theIMG_6784-300x200 midst of a divorce is it almost impossible for one to see the new beginnings that lay before them.

Getting a divorce can improve your overall mood.  They say, “Misery loves company”. Well, perhaps if you are all miserable then this model could work. However, most people do not want to be surrounded by miserable people and do not really like miserable people. Being in an unhappy relationship is difficult to mask and negatively impacts your overall mood. Once the angst and agita that you may unknowingly carry around, which causes people to distance themselves from you lifts, you may find that your relationships with others in your life improve.

Leaving a bad marriage can make you a better parent. If you have children, a divorce can be positive thing in a volatile marriage. Yes, choosing to leave a bad marriage makes you a better parent. The common excuse, “I stayed for the kids”, may not necessarily equate with good parenting.  For those who use children as an excuse to stay in bad marriage, they may find out when their children are older that the children probably felt all along that their parents, and the children themselves, would have been happier if the parents had divorced. Children should not be raised in an unhealthy environment, especially if domestic violence is occurring. Allowing a child to be exposed to domestic violence, even if the child is not being physically harmed, in some instances is considered child abuse. Even if your divorce is not due to something as extreme as domestic violence, moving on from a situation that makes you unhappy can do wonders for your overall mood. If you are in a good mood, it makes those around you enjoy being around you, especially your children. This not only significantly improves your relationship with your children, but also could likely save lots of money on therapists and the like for you and your children.

Learning from your failed marriage improves your decision making. When you say, “yes” to staying in a marriage, when you really mean, “no”, you are not making a decision that is good for you or those around you. There is no dishonor in stating what you want. The mental fortitude it takes to seek a divorce teaches you about being true to yourself. From that monumental decision, you learn to be honest with those around about what you want. Happiness does start with you.

While the actual process of obtaining a divorce can be difficult and emotionally taxing, having an attorney that can guide you the process alleviates the stress related to the legal process. The law office of James P. Yudes, P.C., is here to assist you in navigating the surrounding judicial landscape.