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We all look forward to the holiday season. Traditions developed around holidays build a collective family memory that binds us together uniquely and permanently. We bring the traditions we learn in our childhoods into our marriages and incorporate them with our spouse’s traditions into a new hybrid tradition. We do this generation to generation creating traditions and cementing the family across generations. Continue reading ›

On August 6, 2014, the Appellate Division published the decision in KAF v. DLM., in which the Court clarified the standard that family courts are to apply when considering applications by a third party seeking custody and/or visitation and claims that he or she is a “psychological parent” to a child who already has fit and involved legal parent(s). Continue reading ›

Prophetically, Karen Willitts in her blog on January 3, 2014 entitled “Grandparent Visitation in New Jersey”, discussed the state of our law as it relates to the rights of grandparents to seek visitation with theirgrandpa grandchildren pursuant to New Jersey statute, N.J.S.A. 9:2-7.1.  Continue reading ›

One of the most difficult – and most divisive  – aspects of a divorce case is where there is a bona fide dispute between the parties as to what the custody and parenting time arrangements should be for their minor children.  Frequently, a client will insist that the children be allowed to speak to the judge directly so that the judge can hear first-hand with whom the child would rather live and/or so the judge can be told what a terrible parent the other party is.  Continue reading ›

As stated by the New Jersey Supreme Court, “The emotional attachments between grandparents and grandchildren have been described asgrandparent unique in that the relationship is exempt from the psycho-emotional intensity and responsibility that exists in parent/child relationships. Continue reading ›