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It is that time of year when us practicing New Jersey attorneys submit our registration renewals and pay any required fees in order to continue to be able to practice law for the coming year. Despite its trials and tribulations at times, practicing Family Law, and assisting my clients through what is an often difficult, emotional and challenging set of life circumstances, it is not only rewarding and satisfying, but is a privilege as well. Indeed, the ability to practice law is considered a “privilege” and not a “right.” Like many other professions, attorneys must be licensed to be able to practice their profession after satisfying various rules and requirements established not only by the profession’s governing body-in this instance, the New Jersey Supreme Court- but by the State as well. Besides such occupational licenses, there are numerous other types of licenses that the State may issue, whether they be licensed to drive, participate in recreational activities (i.e., hunt, fish, operate a boat, etc.) Continue reading ›